Explore the Beauty of a 7/8 Carat Diamond Ring

On the issue of magnificence, a 7/8 carat diamond ring is considered to be perfect for the purpose of making the statement. Regardless of the occasion, be it an engagement or an anniversary or even a special day for just the two of you, this ring size is just simple yet elegant.

Why Opt for a 7/8 Carat Diamond Ring?

A 7/8 carat dries implies a lot of sheen without being bulky and overpowering on the finger. This size is perfect for individuals who wish to have a big ring with a diamond that would not cost much as a full carat. Oh, it is just great; this is exactly what can be considered a middle ground between both – being stylish and relatively cheap.

Fits Perfectly into Every Situation

7/8 carat diamond rings are flexible pieces of jewelry in that they may be worn on any finger of the right hand in line with the nature of the band. They are so ideal for engagements as the style they give is still more classical and would not look outdated. They are representing a new level in your relationship when it is an anniversary. As a way of using the gift to oneself, this ring size is a worthy and aesthetic investment to be made.

Cuts and Styles

Perhaps one of the things that makes a 7/8 carat diamond ring such a delight is the options of cuts that come with it. Starting from the conventional round brilliant to the sophisticated princess shape, there is no end to the various possibilities. Every cut is a method of creating facets that would in one way or another cause reflection of light which gives extra value to the diamond.

Round Brilliant Cut

Following are the various styles of diamond cuts and the round brilliant is the most suitable for a 7/8 carat. It enhances the reflection of light and thus provides the diamond the famous shine. This cut is simply ideal for the people who are looking for a classic and basic hair style.

Princess Cut

The princess cut on the other hand is more dashing and stylish than the normal cut on the diamond. Compared to circular and rounded geometric shapes, the square shape with points in the corners is the best variant for those who want to get a modern kitchen island. This cut is famous for its brilliance and unforgettable look of diamonds that is why its name is described as princess.

Oval Cut

The oval cut is also another great selection. It elongates the finger adding slimness to the figure, this has been established from the design of the ring as shown below; This cut is perfect for people who want a different but simple style at the same time. Oval form enhances the general appearance by bringing in a certain dignity to it.

Settings that Add on the Beauty

The carat size of the ring settings is just as important in its look as the stones themselves. The prong, bezel, and halo are the most common designs; though each style is different, they can all be identified as one of the three previously mentioned rings.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is a default one for a 7/8 carat diamond ring according to the above table. It makes a diamond as transparent as possible to let in as much light as possible to make the diamond shine. This setting is ideal for those that wish to have their diamond stand out.

Bezel Setting

Another, the bezel setting is even tighter and looks more contemporary than the earlier methods. This is an outer ring that goes round the diamond in order to shield it from physical impacts. There is nothing confusing here, and this setting is preferable for active people or those who like sporty-looking products.

Halo Setting

The halo setting places the small diamonds around the center diamond to enhance brightness, therefore, enlarging the appearance of the center gemstone. This setting is ideal for those who would like to have a bedazzled ring or a rather attractive one at that.

Choosing the Right Metal

It is noteworthy that the choice of the metal for the ring band can influence the general appearance of a 7/8 carat diamond ring. There is still white gold, yellow, gold, rose gold and even platinum among other options for the band.

White Gold

White gold can be regarded as modern looking and smooth. It increases the brightness of the diamond cut and matches most skin types’ color. This metal is ideal for those who desire to have a more edgy and sophisticated ring.

Yellow Gold

Nonetheless, it concerns Yellow gold that may be considered a timeless option. It contributes a somewhat retro effect to the ring that makes it more homey. This metal is suitable for the people who like classics.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is rather famous for its sweet appearance of the hue. It offers a retro look, which complements a 7/8 carat diamond brilliantly even if it is a conflict. It is ideal for all the people who do not want to have a common and boring ring.


Platinum is a sturdy material, and is used to give that extra touch of class in any item or situation. It makes the diamond bright and has a neat and classy appearance. This metal is perfect for those who have been planning to buy a long lasting, prestigious ring.


An 7/8 carat diamond ring is thus ideal for any event as it brings out the beauty of the diamonds. It provides the right proportions, brilliance, and affordability in a single piece of jewelry. That is why when it comes to the type of cut, setting and the type of metal that you wish to be used, you can easily find the ring of your choice that will suit your personality.

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